Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New photos from Will and Zak!

We've just posted some new photos of Will and Zak to the Rockies Flickr page!

Will just below Parker Dam and Lake Havasu.

Zak paddles through the Grand with other CC alums.


  1. Great photos! Loved seeing a Colorado River dolphin and the picture of Zak, Forest and I after we accidentally swam.

  2. Hello. Love the photos of your trip down the Colorado River. I thought you would be interested in our new documentary on water, THE RIVER RED. We recently launched a website (www.riverredfilm.com) to get people informed and involved in the fight to keep life’s most precious natural resource flowing. Narrated by Robert Redford and directed by Mark Decena, the film is about saving the Colorado River and exploring a new water ethic for the New West. Like us. Follow us. Share our website with everyone you know who relies on water. Thank you and hope you continue having adventures on the river.


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